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The Red Symphony

I have written something on " The Red Symphony " for all interested or not :

The document is too big to copy and paste here but you can download the .doc Word for Windows format from the link.

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4B now
We can now be found at our new site
Due to popular demand we got us a URL, cuz that's the slick Internet way 
of doing things.Were keeping this project going but have outgrown the Blogger 
site and have moved on to bigger and better.

I have transferred all the articles and comments etc to the new site
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Evil von Scarry's Eight Track (edition 0)

Always on the lookout for a new "theme-song" here's a small compilation of songs that meet the criteria of the "mood" and "feel" of what we've got going on. So this is just a personal collection
from me to you that hits that strange, kooky and creepy vibe, maybe even a little greasy. Also has to be high energy and give that goose pimple feeling. The following is to the exclusion of none and just a few from what I have been listening to lately. So here's what may be a regular feature:

Evil von Scarry's Eight Track (edition zero)
-because the mixed tapes are just too cool for themselves and eight track is
just trashier!

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks 

not sure if these swedes started off with surf (before their techno? now) or just liked fucked up stuff or maybe both? Excellent music either way!

(Les) The Vice Barons
absafuckinglootly amazing! Love this high energy that motivates! Found some info from Ratboy69 that they do have stuff available for dl and from what I could find I think they are from Belgium?


If you don't know who Motorhead are well...... check them out. More of a biker rock early metal group but high energy and inspiring.


Absolutely iconic group! This song has got to be my favs!

The Cramps

With Lux Interiors passing a few years back it would seem that Ivy (his wife and lead guitarist) has let the band pass on with Lux's death. Its fitting as The Cramps without Lux or Ivy wouldn't be. Among many pioneering firsts they are the only group that I'm aware of that did a free (or otherwise) concert in a mental hospital!

The Ramones 

Wow! Kick in the fucking door and take care of business!! The Ramones are another heavy hitter and just these two songs alone are amazing.

Dead Kennedys 

these guys were bringing forward what are now called  "conspiracy" issues back in the 80's before the advent of the Internet and promoting political interest, and they were great musicians. Most punks never really appreciated what they had in DK.

Cult of the Psychic Fetus 

I changed some of the music files on Fallout 3 on the family computer so my young son thought that this was actually part of the sound track,lol(note the Fallout 3 soundtrack is in and of itself a pretty good track for 1940s early 50's style). At least he likes good music! These guys hit the creep factor and are a fantastic blend of styles.

Well that ends this feature of Evil von Scarry's Eight Track ( edition 0).
Thanks for tuning in! -EvS

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Last Week or so In Review and the death (assassination?) of Dr.Richard Rockefeller

Welcome gentle reader to the latest rendering of "The Last Week or so In Review
A compilation of articles,stories and other information from our readers, contributors and other findings. Ready to be informed? Lets go: 

1/ Teenager trips up Nancy Pelosi with simple question.-“Why do you support the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous data collection?”
His later video on YouTube went viral and across many news outlets. Even more interesting is the whole can of worms that were opened around this event. Andrew Demeter was with a group of youth documentary winners given time with Nancy Pelosi. Next News Network has an excellent interview with Andrew covering some of the concerns that came out of this.

2/ Islamic group ISIS threatens to take over Iraq (and Syria) 
Dubbed the group that even Al-Qaeda is afraid of- ISIS is looking to create a "Caliphate" out of a chunk of Iraq and Syria. Essentially bringing back a Caliph (sort of like a Pope for Muslims) and putting an religious authority/empire back on the map. This is part Frankenstein's Monster and (another harsh example of) "blowback" from earlier history in the region and U.S. operations strategy in Syria. However it would also seem that the actions of ISIS are in keeping with the regional "game plan" in redrawing the map of the middle east according to the global elites. We kind of called this out two years ago.

3/The C.I.A. distributes,deals and sell drugs
-not exactly earth shattering news to those who've been paying attention but it should be front page with protests. Maybe folks are just getting to accustomed to things being fucked up? Check out our latest article on the ongoing EvS series of "Why the War on Drugs is Bullshit" articles. article here

4/Secret trade agreement (TISA) covering 68 percent of world services published by WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks does it again but was anyone listening? We were. Seems everytime activists expose one nefarious business plot to enslave us all another crops up. To be fair to business folks though without some of them blowing the whistle (and having a conscience) we wouldn't know about many of these doings.- RT article here 
To get the leaked document go here 

Media release: PSI denounces Trade in Services agreement

"the 48 countries participating in the TISA negotiation seem intent on imposing the corporate agenda of using trade agreements to bind countries to extreme liberalisation and deregulation in order to ensure greater corporate profits at the expense of workers, farmers, service users and the environment. In few words: at the expense of people"
  • Despite disturbing revelations about spying and privacy, corporate interests are seeking to weaken national controls that protect data privacy.
  • Even after the 2008 global financial crisis, the TISA includes talks to further liberalize financial markets.
  • The TISA also promotes the temporary movement of professionals and workers, and in committed sectors would eliminate the legal onus on employers to hire local workers if they are available.
  • - See more at:

    5/ JFK Assassination 
    In my ongoing interest and research into JFK Assassination related material I would like to welcome author Gayle Nix Jackson to our Fb group as well as through our other media. Gayle is the author of "Orville Nix: The Missing JFK  Assassination Film". Gayle was there with her grandfather (Orville Nix) at Dallas when JFK was gunned down. 

    "Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film is Nix-Jackson’s first of several books regarding the horrific events of November 22, 1963. She hopes her readers will educate their children about the mishandling of the investigation into the JFK assassination and help in her ultimate quest to find the missing Nix film." for more Gayle's blog can be found here

    I would also like to thank the JFK Assassination discussion group on LinkedIn and the helpful advice and leads given about Operation 40 members. -EvS

    6/Dr. Richard Rockefeller dies in plane crash 
    Anytime one of these influential folks die in a plane crash it is interesting. Granted the Rockefeller's have the money to fly around in planes like most people drive cars. He was flying back from his fathers (David Rockefeller) 99th Birthday when his plane went down (he was by himself) in bad weather. However the old private plane crash is a favorite method of the elite's to get rid of people they don't like (like JFK Jr.). Dr.R.Rockefeller was the founder of Doctor's Without Borders.
    So here's where I start getting weird (yeah I know Conspiracy people see patterns,etc):

    In the news reports- Dr. Rockefeller took off from Westchester County Airport at 8:08 a.m., departing from Runway 16 into dense fog and steady rain it was poor visibility. He also wore corrective lenses. Some of my fellow researchers will tell you that what's said in an article or specifically how its worded is VERY important (ie Steganography). So putting on my tinfoil hat. I start looking at certain parts.. ok why the fuck do all of these major news articles say "he wore corrective lenses". So what so does half the world. Then using the conditions described as "poor visibility". So what is the emphasis here?
    This is my own tinfoil hat theory but fuck it here goes:

    Poor visibility- Richard didn't see the big picture
    Corrective Lenses- we tried to reason with him but it didnt work out.  We couldnt get him to see things our way
    Runway 16(and other numbers)- probably just a runway he took off from but is there more too it? It has been shown in the past that numbers have significance depending on the targeted audience. One thing has been shown about these elites is that numbers DO have significance. D Rockefeller having his 99th birthday?  News articles have been worded in a certain fashion to convey a deeper message.New York times quoting a Rockefeller family representative that Richard was 64 (he was actually 65 could be an innocent mistake....maybe not). So numbers we have are 99,16,64. Im not a numerology guy but some simple stuff I do know gives me this- 99 (9 plus 9 =18= 1 plus 8= 9)- weird just now my computer started acting good to go now.... dun dun dun.... at 3:03 in the afternoon!
    So now Ive got three 9's- the ubiquitous (if 6 was 9-thanks J,Hendrix MkUltra connection) 666!
    In many other strange murders 666 or 999 pops up. My friend George Freund has mentioned previously when dissecting news articles that if 666 pops up it's a signal of stay the fuck away or else. DO NOT INVESTIGATE. Essentially a warning to mind your own business if you know what's good for you.
    The Doctor's Without Borders part may also be significant especially with all of the Ebola outbreaks of late. Makes me wonder if maybe he found out something vis a vis his work, didnt like it and wouldnt shut up about it........

    The 2008 murder of CSIS agent Alicia Bateman by her boyfriend (Ryan Sawchuk who conveniently hung himself- might have been a wet works guy) also had a newspaper article that just had to mention he played hockey -what that had to do with anything? Looking at how the numbers game was thrown into it again reads 666. So another back off warning.  Using the other numbers, well like I said Im not a numbers guy but if anyone else is feel free to let us know.

    Just a some of our various articles the last while. Thanks for tuning in. -EvS

    Friday, June 27, 2014

    Fighting Dirty. Further EvS Ninja Minion training and Fight Fast

    Welcome again gentle reader and not so gentle minions.

    This will be another installment of the being a "Stealth Ninja EvS junior Minion" training program

    I take no responsibility for anyone stupidly misusing any techniques or skills shown .
    Still here? Good, lets carry on......

    Just two things before I get into this:

    1/SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is the key- knowing your surroundings and anticipating threats before they happen will keep you out of situations where you have to worry about fighting and dying!   

    2/ The ONLY dirty fight is the one YOU LOSE- there is no such thing as "fighting dirty"(but there is still dirty dancing lmao). If your in a sport like MMA (yes its a sport like boxing,soccer or kayaking with rules, protections and such) or other dojo sports it's not going to be enough in real world scenarios. When your life and limb is on the line anything goes and that's biting,  fingers in the eyes, ball grabbing and even kicking someone in the teeth.

    Were all not Spiderman with super senses or perpetual radar. Sometimes we get distracted or get into scenarios not of our choosing. That's where learning how to fight counts. 

    I really love Bob Taylor's techniques because they are greasy and effective, plus he really rocks that stash! Although these days he has the goatee thing going on.

    disarming someone with a hangun is always the hometown favorite......

    It takes practice to get things to stick, especially if you want your brain and body to work together when the adrenaline is flowing. There's various skill sets in the army that Ive done so much I can literally do them blindfolded. Even if you practice a few minutes a day a few days a week it will stick, like learning a good habit(Ironically bad habits are learned in a similar fashion).

    An great instructional series (and they are NOT paying me to say this lol) is from "FIGHT FAST."
     Its free to sign up and they give you about a weeks worth of free instructional videos and pointers in a blog. It's straight up useful hand to hand skills without all of the frills. They also help dispel a lot of myths out there that you will find being taught in various security industries.  ITS NOT MMA- its for REAL LIFE situations. Link here
    Even if your a vet or think you have some Kung-Pow check it out anyway, its encouraged me to shake out my skill set and get practicing again.

    There is ALWAYS more than one way to get to a goal. Find what works best for you but be aware of what your own intentions are when you look into martial arts, is it about gaining belts and tournaments? Getting into shape? Or about SURVIVAL? Choose wisely.
    Regardless of which is best for you PRACTICE!
    Thanks for tuning in -EvS

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Monday, June 23, 2014

    Our Twitter followers are 100 percent organic

    Inspired by true events our new poster pimping (er promoting) our Twitter feed 

    Apparently some folks buy twitter followers?!  Weird but alright, not our style. Our followers are GMO free and certified organic(mostly). 
    Pretty sure there might be some spam ones but I'll take what I can get, lol.
     -Thanks for tuning in- EvS

    Friday, June 20, 2014

    The C.I.A. distributes,deals and sell drugs

    Yes kids the CIA sells drugs and chances are pretty damned good that if someone you know is hooked on crack,coke or heroin the CIA is making money from their misery. 

    Pisses me off losing friends to drugs and putting ten years of my life into the service to have the "Christians in Action" (aka Central Intelligence Agency) sell drugs as part and parcel of their covert operations. The whole war on drugs is bullshit as we've outlined before. The world's banks are in on it as well.
    Some operations outlined in the film below such as OP Amadeus ,OP Pegasus or OP Watchtower were just a few that have become known of late as drug running operations by the CIA ( it actually goes a lot further back but more on that later). We also have some sources willing to discuss their experiences in Afghanistan (ie CIA airfield in Kandahar ) and Central America that we will be interviewing in future articles to further expose this so called "war on drugs" and how its really just a sickening cycle of control by world elites in order to advance their own agenda

    Have any doubts? That's a good thing however just take a look at the so called "King of Crack" also known as the Walmart of Crack distribution, "Freeway Rick" Ross. Rick was a pawn in the CIA's crack distribution scheme but as evidence of that scheme came out he was able to use that to get his sentence reduced.

    Afghanistan- before the U.S. led invasion opium production was almost wiped out by the Taliban. Since the invasion........ numbers range between 75 to 90 percent of the world's opium and heroin are now produced there!

    To say the CIA has overstepped their mandate is underwhelming to say the least. Since Eisenhower's monster has broken it's bounds it remains to be seen if it can ever go back in it's cage. The following video called "CRACK The CIA" is an excellent video covering CIA drug dealing.

    Video- CRACK THE CIA

    Barry Seal is a prominent figure in this story. Mr. Seal is an extremely interesting character and would have been an even bigger wealth of knowledge (than he was) if he hadn't been gunned down.  Barry (along with Lee H. Oswald another David Ferry protege!) is also one of those key pieces in a very scary jig saw puzzle of government corruption and intrigue.

    More on Barry Seal 

    Barry also had ties to Operation 40 - also tied into the whole JFK Assassination (and Anti-Castro ops). Another example of the CIA run amok making its own policies. Below alleged photograph of Operation 40 members taken at a nightclub in Mexico City January 22nd, 1963 (Mexico City at that time was the operations hub for the CIA).

    ***note: Trying to identify all of these guys in this picture -apparently all Operation 40 members. Seems to be some disagreement over Frank Sturgis or Tosh Plumlee as the guy holding coat over his lower face. Just trying to fill in the blanks and have no fish to fry as I can and have changed my conceptions with new evidence has come to light. Thanks in advance to any help members can give. Thanks. Will update picture with further ID's.***

    Seems though that CIA's precursor the OSS of WW2 fame (besides setting up Operation Gladio-or "Stay behind operations") were into the drug distribution game.  

    The O.S.S. allegedly had drug networks in China through the "Flying Tigers". Created and run by Allen Dulles -of the Directorate of Covert Actions(- and latter head of CIA who was fired by JFK) running support for  and Chiang-Kai-Shek (The Chinese Nationalist Leader), using Burmese heroin (imported  by another OSS office to Shanghai via the "Burma Road").

    During the war Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lanski assisted the OSS in intelligence (for invasion of Sicily and later Italy-operation Husky) drug distribution as well as assassinations.

    Lets also not forget that Great Britain in it's empire heyday had fought 2 wars against China to make sure it was able to keep selling opium to China's people!

    So next time you hear some bullshit about fighting against drugs on a government level realize its just smoke and mirrors (wow 2 drug references there,lol), a dog and pony show for the public. Because in the big scheme of things drugs make the world go round as much as oil or war. 

    Thanks for tuning in. Evil von Scarry

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    To all my friends who have died (or survived)

    Feeling some melancholy lately and a lot of reflection on my friends who have died (also those who have survived). 

    Whether it was on the street or in the military

     I will never forget any of you. 

    Interestingly survivors  wind up killing themselves either quickly or slowly because they feel bad about being here when others aren't. There's folks I know from "back in the day" still and there's others that I know but like to pretend they don't know or remember or that they were even there. Maybe they haven't dealt with what happened or the things we had seen, did or had to do.

    Acknowledging me as part of a past which you feel shame is ok, pretend you don't know me. I'll always know but I feel no shame nor should you! 

    Sometimes fucked up shit happens to fucked up people. Take it and move on, but you can never forget it no matter how hard you try. Better to accept the past in order to make your own future. 

    Thanks for tuning in. -Evil von Scarry

    Friday, June 13, 2014

    The Last Few Weeks or so In Review June 6 2013

    Welcome to another edition of the The Last Few Weeks or so In Review
    A compilation of various leads, stories, news and submissions from our various associates,readers and findings with editorial commentary. Here we go:

    1/ Bilderberg Conference 2014
    Happened in Europe this time around in Copenhagen (Denmark). The Guardian does a pretty cheeky summary on this years "Who wants to run the World Club". Another meeting of the well heeled "discussing" the world's problems and promoting more cooperation between North America and Europe. Yeah right give me a break. As usual the main stream media coverage was next to non existent on this Conference. Which isn't surprising (most of the major media barons were attending) as they are hoping the general public will lose interest and they can go back to the shadows.

    2/ Is privacy dead?
    What bothers me the most about hearing and seeing this is that it's almost becoming a mantra in main stream news and television (aka social programming). But is it? Seems most governments would like it to be. Recently in Canada a proposed Federal Bill C-13 against Cyber Bullying would allow police to listen in on you through your cell phones, car gps, etc and even hack your computer. Because it's about cyber bullying, you know saving the children. Seems every-time Big Brother wants to be a little more intrusive they hide their real intents into a bill or legislation that seems to be for the greater good. So what can we as Jane Doe or Joe Blow do about it? Maybe we need our own version of the old Navajo Code Talkers? The Reset the Net campaign for internet privacy has had some success and is still ongoing. More needs to be done however. Reset the Net is NOT a silver bullet but it is a big step in the right direction. Now some real world observations on using privacy software and techniques- in using HTTPs (not HTTP) I have found some sights just will not let you see their content, why?
    Well because they are trying to track you lol.
    So it's an interesting simple test to see who's spying on you and who's not. We have just as much to worry about from private groups and companies as government spying to be fair. I a recent discussion with some of our associates about Facebook it was brought up about how intrusive they are being with recent revelations about Facebook using eavesdropping programs to sell people more shit. The stir being that social media leaves us open to giving up too much information that can be monitored. Well flipping that around these companies, governments etc only know what you put out there for the most part. Don't use your real name or address if your worried about that kind of thing. Do a "culture jam"- using media,advertising and the tools of surveillance "against the system". One of the first rules of guerrilla warfare is using the enemies own resources against them. Look into The Laughing Man (J.D.Salinger- more on him later) as used in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Ghost in the Shell is very instructional and I strongly recommend any cyber recce types to study it. Privacy is not dead but it is under attack and is something we need to talk about.

    3/ ALL the U.S. Presidents except for one have single common ancestor 
    Turns out a project by a 12 year old girl in the U.S. have shown all U.S.Presidents except for  are related to King John Lackland (evil King John of Robin Hood stories) who succeeded his brother Richard the Lion Heart and was followed by his son Henry III. He is "credited" signing the Manga Carta.

    Known as a "capable administrator" but heavy on taxation and also (in)famous for trying to go back on the Magna Carta and starting wars. Gee sounds pretty familiar. Granted some of these relations are tenuous but it is interesting nonetheless.

    4/Tech News

    Fuck off the Internet is Full!  Really? Yup were running out of Internet addresses. -Full article

    Solar Flares cause (some) communications disruptions, radios and satellites.

    8 Signs your computer might be a zombie- yeah your computer might be an unwitting pawn in the internet wars. Here's how.

    Inventor creates "real life" superpowers - Pyro,Wolverine, Magneto.... yeah no shit. 

    5/ End of the World news (and survival) 
    various articles and links to potential societal shattering news and bringing to the edge of Apocalypse.... again.  Being a member of the human race it seems is it's own extreme sport!

    Critics attack 'crazy' scientists who have created life-threatening flu virus- article here

    Americans getting dumber and on the road to further stupidity- link 

     62 Reasons Why my Bandana was Saved from the Donation Pile- dont throw those out!

    Thanks for tuning in! -Evil von Scarry 

    Saturday, May 31, 2014

    Last Few Weeks or so In Review May 31st,2014

    Welcome again to another edition of the LFWIR. Following on the coat tails of last week.
    A compilation of various articles from our contributors, readers and associates. I'm going to be taking a bit more time as well through this weeks review to promote activities and causes of some of our collaborators, contributors and viewers/readers. Here we go:

    1/Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!
    An interesting presentation from former CIA agent,  Robert D.Steele , gotta say this fella is spot on and provides legitimate solutions to the big problems we all find ourselves in with the current system. 
    Robert is also an activist and runs a group called OSS.Net as an advocate for open source intelligence. Now before anyone starts in about "controlled opposition", Robert is the real deal. The old "once CIA always CIA" was coined by someone who was never in. It's also a different world these days and Robert didn't go running off to some other country. He stood and fought for his country against the corruption and rot he experienced first hand.   

    2/ New Facebook App will listen to your conversations
    What the fuck?! Really?  Quote from

    "Facebook just announced a new feature to its app, which will let it listen to our conversations and surroundings through our own phones’ microphone. Talk about a Big Brother move.
    Facebook says the feature will be used for harmless things, like identifying the song or TV show playing in the background, but by using the phone's microphone every time you write a status update, it has the ability to listen to everything.
    Not only is this move just downright creepy, it’s also a massive threat to our privacy. The feature is opt-in, but many won't even read the warnings. If we act now, we can stop Facebook in its tracks before it has a chance to release the feature." -end quote.

    Bad enough folks were being spied on through shitty 3rd part aps but this is a whole new level that if the government did it (some of my compatriots would say they've been doing it for a long time) people would take to the streets. However because it's a private company..... I dunno. I seem to remember something called wire fraud or illegal wire tapping comes to mind. But the Devil is in the fine print. So anyone still on the "Ive got nothing to hide" bandwagon?I was kind of having a deja-vu seeing the cat in the Matrix moment writing this part. Seems like we've been here before....a few times.....

    Always lots of good stuff out there on bug out bags and stashing firearms, secret locations or escaping the city during a disaster. But not a whole lot about long term survival. To be fair though Jack Spirko is a huge proponent of permaculture.  Ok now that I've pimped that I would like to look at long term solutions for post whatever (insert scenario here). Probably the biggest problem I can identify is what about electricity? Regardless if it's a zombie, war, famine, societal/financial collapse, or EMP. In any or most of these scenarios electricity will eventually become a dream. Even if you have an off the grid lifestyle already with solar and wind, eventually at some point that will break down too.
    Turns out those folks who run historical reenactments, pioneer villages and the like have the real long term solutions ( and the Amish). Gonna party like its 1799! Yup cuz until the Steampunks start getting things going ala Victorian Era that's how its going to be post Apocalypse.

    One bold adventurer has stepped up to show us the way forward. Her name is Joanna Rickert Hall, historian and maker of neat stuff (like cheese!). Or as she would describe herself:
    "Cultural Historian-Researcher, Blogger,Educator of Waterloo Region Early Settlement History & Folk Medicine esp of Pennsylvania German & Black Settlers."
    Needless to say she knows what she's doing. Her blog is called 1820 Log Schoolhouse. Just some of the many subjects she covers (and remember this is all without electricity!) is making cheese (a world without cheese is not really a good one is it?) and keeping things cold.
    Lots of great information and I would recommend anyone interested in survivalist studies to check out her blog or follow on Twitter 

    Now hows this for "off the grid eh?"

    Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scarry

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    The Last Few Weeks (or so) in Review May 21st,2014

    Welcome again to another installment of the last few weeks or so in review.
    Featuring some of the various articles from our contributors, readers and articles
    Here we go:

    1/Net neutrality and the open Internet under threat 
    as we have all heard in various articles about the FCC and its now current ruling allowing internet companies to have better internet speeds to different (higher paying) customers. I.E. allowing certain parties to have a "fast lane" to you. This also means that those who can't afford it may not allow others to have equal access to people, ideas and quash any potential start ups, innovation or DISSENT! This also will wind up costing everyone ALOT more money. Yeah its the old were going to fuck you peasants over and make you pay for it!
    It would seem that it is a completely done deal but in politics nothing is ever really solid. Remember that many (if not most) politicos are former lawyers. Lawyers need loop holes the don't like things put into stone. So having said that the FCC ruling is still up in the U.S. Senate and there is supposed to be a 21 day period for input from the public, yeah you, so start standing up.  There is also a huge threat for journalism with and end to 'Net Neutrality". There is still time to act *about two weeks left at time of writing* and it's disappearing fast. Start raising some hell on this one!!!! We've been here before back in the 60's with something called The Carterphone Decision which allowed "any lawful device" to connect to the phone network . Needless to say this created huge innovations and actually did pave the way for the beginnings of the Internet of today. Were here again but this time big business is at the wheel and could give a shit about innovation,competition or freedoms. 

     2/ EU to bug every car in the U.K. with tracker chips. 
    Parliament says it is "powerless to stop it". 
    Really? Powerless or just unwilling? Read more here.  

    3/ Human history just keeps getting longer. 
    800,000 year old footprints discovered in the U.K. put human habitation of that area back even further than previously thought. Other discoveries of ancient structures on the ocean floor make us realize that our history and origins go back much further and are murkier than we thought. 

    4/ 13 Survival Myths that can get you killed
    Thanks to "reality" TV and the movies people are getting some real misconceptions about survival. The Active Times has a great article dispelling some of those myths.  

    5/ Killer robots debated at the U.N. 
    if they are arguing about it and trying to hammer out some kind of convention then the reality is already here. 


    6/Courageous Professor Silenced After Talk on Cults, Ritual Abuse, and Mind Control:
    thanks to George and Tom for continuing to send us excellent information on this front. I thank both of you!- EvS

    "When you find the same highly esoteric information in different states from Florida to California and from different countries, you start to get an idea that there's something going on that is very large and very well coordinated. So I have gone from someone not knowing what to think about it all to someone who clearly believes ritual abuse is real... I [have had] concern because of personal threats. I finally decided to hell with them. If they're going to kill me, they're going to kill me. It's time to share more information with therapists." 
      ~~   Prof. D. Corydon Hammond in landmark lecture on the role of cults in ritual abuse and mind control

     -end excerpt- 
    Prof D. Corydon Hammond now refuses to speak about these lectures and papers but others have made sure that the public can still access them. A full summary can be found here.  
    That's all we have for the moment, continue to receive more timely articles via our Twitter feed, Facebook or email.  In near future I will also be migrating over to the WordPress format and on a hosted service. Thanks to those who are helping to make that happen. It will be a more secure site and service and will continue to serve you dear readers.